Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant of many benefits. Stick this plant in your sunniest window and you are sure to get some compliments. If you prefer to have your aloe plant outdoors, it needs direct sun and/or partial shade.

Not only is this plant nice to look at but it also has many other benefits. The most commonly known way to use the Aloe Vera plant is topically on burns or cold sores. You may also consume the aloe vera gel after you have finished harvesting it. 

How to Harvest

When your aloe plant has matured for a couple of years it is ready to harvest.

  1. You can remove anywhere from 1-4 leaves at a time.
  2. Be sure to choose a nice healthy leaf. 
  3. Cut them close to the stem, you lose a lot of beneficial nutrients when you cut away from the stem.
  4. Wash and dry the leaves and trim the prickly edges with a knife.
  5. Separate the interior gel from the outside of the leaf, using your fingers or a knife (if you are comfortable using a knife). You may dispose of the outside of the leaf. 
  6. The yellow sap you see is the aloe vera latex, if you would like to save that, use a container to catch it, otherwise just toss it. 
  7. Cut the aloe gel into slices or cubes.
  8. You mat want to blend it for a smoother consistency and strain to get the pulp out.

You can use your harvested aloe gel on your skin, in you smoothies, or even look up many recipes on line! It is best to store your aloe in the freezer if you do not plan on using it right away.