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Thanks for stopping by! We elevate only positive energy and good vibes here at Blame it on my roots.
All of our houseplants come already potted and ready to provide you with love and purer air inside your home. If you found your heart lies in our decor collection instead, you still will feel the love in any piece. All decor items are handmade by me and made to order.
Sending you positive energy and good vibes, always.
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xoxo Meli


To spread peace and love one plant at a time. 


It is our belief that having plants in our environment helps us connect to nature, boosts our mood, and accelerates our creativity and productivity. There is a study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, and it states active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work. They further go on to say, Indoor plants have drawn the attention of the scientific community because of their various benefits: they enhance job satisfaction in office workers, reduce psychological stress, improve mood states, and enhance cognitive health. We hope to accomplish our mission by sharing the wonderful benefit of plants with you and your loved ones.


Blame it on my roots is committed to using materials that are safe for our environment.  

When choosing products and materials you and our planet are top of mind.


A positive program filled with plant talk, irie vibes and sweet, sweet reggae music.

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